About the Amazing Daisy Charity Fund.

If you wonder how the Amazing Daisy charity fund came into being it is all down to one amazing little girl, Daisy May Locker. The following story provides the motivation which launched the Fund - which supports Great Ormond Street Hospital and Southend Hospital's Neptune Children's Ward: Daisy Alice May Locker Born 1/5/01

On 19th May 2003, age 2, Daisy awoke and was not her usual little self. She was so lethargic and sick that she was referred immediately to Southend General Hospital where they kept her in overnight for observation.

On the 25th Daisy was not showing signs of improvement and was even starting to deteriorate so the next logical stage was to give her a CT scan where a shadow was detected at the base of her skull. This being a major cause for concern Southend arranged to have her ambulanced immediately to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In the early hours of the 26th Daisy went into surgery and a Posterior Fossa Ependymona (which is extremely rare) was diagnosed, basically a tumour sitting above the brain stem. Eight hours later the consultant surgeon, Mr Thompson, came out of theatre and was confident that he had managed to remove the entire tumour, in his words it was marvellous, it just peeled away from the nerve endings which was quite an achievement as the tumour was the size of a tangerine (which is quite large for a two year old).

The follow up MRI scan indicated that the tumour had been successfully removed but, because of the chance of the floating cells, she had to commit to a 379 day protocol of Chemotherapy. In between there was the ongoing treatment at Southend General Hospital's Neptune Children's Ward to have blood transfusions, immune suppressants and anti-viral treatments as necessary to overcome the immune deficiencies and many infections associated with the condition.

Since then Daisy has undergone radiotherapy, chemotherapy and even Gamma therapy, which is pretty dramatic for a seven year old. And we are currently (March 09) into yet another round of chemotherapy. But the challenge to raise funds for the wonderful institutions that have supported Daisy over the years continues - and never has the challenge been do intense.

Please visit the current events section of the site and support the amazing people who give their all to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Southend Hospital's Neptune Ward.

They are great people and the children they support deserve the very best.

Thank you all for your support over the years and for your support in the future.